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Chicago Mountain Bike Trails Guide

New for summer, 2003: A dirt-lover's escort to the best off-road bicycle trails in northeastern Illinois and beyond. Third edition. By P.L. Strazz ($13.95)


Surfing the Great Lakes

An insider's guide to monster waves along North America's fresh coast. By P.L. Strazz ($14.95)


Surf Michigan Volume 2 VIDEO 

Outstanding, close-up video footage of surfing action in Grand Haven and other Michigan surf spots. By Vince Deur ($20.95)


Surf Michigan Volume 1 VIDEO 

The classic original by VInce Deur. ($17.95)


Peak performance

A climber's guide to the highest points in each of the United States. By Lorimar Funt ($13.95)


Wow, nice dress!

Killer lines to get the girls you want. By Karen Walsh ($15.95)


I'm not coming in today

The pro's guide to skipping work. By Larry Moorhead ($9.95)


Breweries of North America

All you ever wanted to know about major beer factories of the United States, Canada and Mexico. By P.L. Strazz ($24.95)


Shoulda', Coulda', Woulda'

Tales of regret by seniors across the planet. What when wrong and why. Foreword by Alberto Inferno ($9.95)






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