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"Chicago Mountain Bike Trails Guide" 

Revised and expanded Third Edition

A dirt-lover's escort to the best off-road bicycle trails in northeastern Illinois and beyond...

 By P.L. Strazz ($13.95)


Profiles and photos of more than 60 riding locations


Every off-road bike trail in northeastern Illinois


The best nearby trails in central Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan


The fastest downhills


The highest climbs


Maps of trail routes and landscape features.


Charts describing trail surfaces and challenge levels


Guides to make travel a breeze

"Chicago Mountain Bike Trails Guide" is the ultimate authority on off-road bike trails in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan. Written by local adventurer P.L. Strazz, the newly expanded, 120-page book details everything a mountain biker would want to know before or after visiting a trail. Appropriate for beginners through experts.

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The buzz:

" It's hard to overstate the usefulness of Strazz's classic Chicago guidebook, now in its third edition. Like a lot of enthusiasts who have penned local guides, Strazz put on plenty of miles to get the skinny on the area's trail offerings. But unlike other sports nuts, Strazz can actually write. His style is clear and concise. He gives you a summary of an area's salient features, then tells you what you need to know about the trails, and then he moves on. 

    "The book is well organized and includes helpful maps, large and detailed, that help get you to the trails and help you navigate once you arrive. The third edition is updated to include new areas and to reflect changes in trails and access policies at various local preserves. There are hidden gems all over the area and Strazz leads you to them. 

    "If you're buying a mountain bike, pick up a copy of this book, because it's as essential as your helmet or tire pump. If you don't have a bike yet, this book will make you want to go shopping."

--Windy City Sports magazine



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